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At the RCI-IIBEC Foundation, we are dedicated to fostering the advancement of the building enclosure industry through strategic support for research and education. Our grants are designed to empower professionals and scholars who are pioneering new knowledge, techniques, and solutions within our field.

Download the Application

Begin by downloading our comprehensive Grant Application Form. This form is designed to capture all necessary information about your project and its potential impact on the industry.



Review Carefully

Ensure that your project aligns with the mission and objectives of the RCI-IIBEC Foundation. Our grants are specifically aimed at supporting projects that contribute to the growth and development of the building envelope industry.

Complete the Form

Fill out the application form in its entirety. Be detailed in your project description, objectives, expected outcomes, and how it contributes to the industry’s advancement.



Submit Your Application

Once completed, submit your application for review by the RCI-IIBEC Foundation Board of Directors. Applications are thoroughly reviewed to ensure they meet our funding criteria and align with our goals.



Important Considerations:

Alignment with Foundation Mission

Ensure your project falls within the parameters of our mission to support research, education, and information dissemination within the building enclosure industry.

Inquiry and Assistance

Should you have any questions about the application process or require clarification on the eligibility of your project, please reach out to us at Our team is here to assist you and ensure your application is complete and aligned with our funding objectives.

The Impact

The impact it will make on our consultant members and building enclosures industry. It must be non-proprietary and not individual specific.

We Look Forward to Your Submission

The RCI-IIBEC Foundation is excited to learn about your innovative projects and the potential impact they could have on the building enclosure industry.

Your research and educational initiatives are crucial to the ongoing growth and development of our field. We are committed to supporting projects that drive innovation, enhance professional development, and disseminate critical knowledge across the industry.

Submit your application today and take the next step in contributing to the advancement of the building enclosure community. We look forward to the opportunity to support your work and see the positive changes your projects bring to our industry.

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