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At the RCI-IIBEC Foundation, we are dedicated to supporting research, education, and the dissemination of information critical to the advancement of the building enclosure industry.

 Our commitment is to foster innovation, knowledge, and best practices among architects, building scientists, and professionals dedicated to the study of building enclosures.

Making a Difference Since 2001

Founded over two decades ago, the RCI-IIBEC Foundation has become a beacon of progress, having amassed more than $4 million in donations. These contributions have been pivotal in expanding research, providing scholarships, and sponsoring educational events that shape the future of our industry.

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Your support is crucial in continuing our legacy of innovation and education. By donating, applying for grants, or participating in our scholarship and sponsorship programs, you contribute to a thriving community dedicated to excellence in building science.

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Research Grant US - Thin Masonry Testing


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